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With the goodwill of our satisfied customers and well wishers, we are proud to announce our association with institutions like "HOTWORK" and both of which are very reputed companies in the field of refractory heat up and furnace designs and are well known worldwide for their customer satisfaction and a wide range of handling and hosting equipments as well as providing their rendering services worldwide.

Hotwork's services are handled in India via European licensee. Hotwork already has representation in India via CHT. You can get more information on ourselves from our web site at www.hotwork.com.

Hotwork has established a worldwide reputation which dates back to 1963 providing its services and pioneering numerous methodologies to adopt an efficient way tackling of furnace pre -heating, controlled cool down, glass draining with hot water recycling and state of the art modem methods of furnace expansions and controlled supervision. Hotwork's field technicians are backed by a management team, which is widely experienced in the service requirements of the glass industries. Hotwork has promptly and positively catered to the needs of their customer worldwide at any hours throughout the year. Thus it is of great honor to be associated with Hot-work and being as their representative for not only in India but also for the Asia-Pacific region and provide our expertise for such a worldwide renowned organization. Hot work in India in addition have their own equipment stock and service technicians to carry out the job promptly at the earliest of the customer desire.

We here in CHT have been very fortunate to work with major forefront organization and " " is to name a major company among them. We take pride to announce that we have given the loyalty for the promotion of and solicitation of furnace designs and supply. In fact we take major of customers for the Company's services and supplies to Glass Industries in INDIA as well as the PACIFIC REGION. "" company comprises a well-qualified and experienced team of managers and engineers. Their careful plan layout and meticulous designs are the most intriguing factor in their success. They have professionals who are highly skilled and carry out plans in the state of the art "CAD" chambers. Thus to keep upto the latest trends and modem methodologies how could we lag behind.

Combustion & Heat Transfer Engineering Co. in association with " " has undertaken many prestigious projects. We believe the key to success is the technology to match the applications. In addition to many years of conventional glass furnaces we also have enormous experiences of special application furnaces, TV tube glass, glass beads, OXY-FUEL technology and treatment of waste gas plants making us an organization that is a forefront runner in the fields of "conservation of energy".

The furnaces are designed with such reliability and functionality in mind so as to maximize the energy efficiency as well as combine proven technology with progressive development.

Our Consultant are.

1. M/s MECON India Ltd
2. M/s TATA Consultant Ltd
3. M/s Danieli Corus India Ltd
4. M/s Simens Vai Ltd
5. Denieli Corus
6. M & Dastur Co