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In the meantime, we are very much involved ourselves in manufacturing fabricated ladle upto 50 tons capacity along with ladle-hood combustion and stream along with super structure.

Similar type of job is under execution for Hindalco Industry Ltd. & Jindal Steel Ltd.

We have developed high velocity burner system using gases / liquid fuel.

we are very much in the field of combustion system along with controls for copper & zinc industries. Recently we have successfully completed the project of standby Burner system for Ausmelt furnace of Lead Smelter project at Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Chitorgarh, India and the said standby burner is the import substitute. we have developed Oxy-Enriched burner for Zinc and Copper industry and trolley mounted high velocity burner system for Torpedo Ladle.

Our design and development is enlisted design of flare stack and flaring combustion system.

In addition we are executing Top Ignition Lance for Burning Trapped BF Gas for Steel Plant through TATA PROJECTS and TATA CONSULTANT.

We have developed Specialized Flare Stage Combustion System with Spark Igniter and Operation Through a Specialized PLC based Controller.

This section is dedicated to the latest developments in our company. Please visit again for more information about latest developments.

We have developed Torpedo Ladle Heating / Cooling /Holding Station with PLC based Control Panel.